The topic of au…

The topic of autonomy is commonly discussed regarding teachers in the classroom, and how much power they should be given to choose what they will bring into their own class. There are many things I feel that teachers should have to follow, however I do not think that it needs to be a rigid structure that prevents them from bring in their own style, beliefs of teaching, and ideas. One thing, however, that I do think needs to be used in instruction is modern technologies. Teachers should not be able to decide rather or not they will use these technologies because if they do not incorporate them, their students will have a very large disadvantage compared to the students who are given accesses to modern technology. Technology is created to aid teachers in their every day lessons and prepare their students for the fast changing society that we live in. It opens up many different possibilities for people, and with that our country has already grew and prospered from technology.
An example of how technology has already changed and improved our school systems is as simple as the internet. Students are able to keep in contact with their teachers and are also given accesses to so many more resources, articles, and activities. An article explain some of the many benefits to using technology in schools using the following as an example, “In a typical high school a student has access to a teacher 40 minutes per day. That means she has access to that teacher 5% of her waking day, and even that time is shared with 25 classmates. She has access to the Internet 100% of the time,”(Page). The ability to get in contact with your teacher outside of the regular school day opens up the communicate between students and teachers immensely. More communicate helps clarify problems, concerns, and to also create and more free learning environment. Using the example of the benefits of internet use in education seems as if it does not compare to the other possibilities that are out there in our modern day world, however think about how innovating it is to people like our grandparents how did not grow up with this access. If we had not utilized the internet in the school systems the way that we do today, we would not have moved forward with technology, people would have not learned how to properly use the tools that they have accesses to outside of the classroom, and our country would fall behind the rest of the world.
Schools and society are consistently linked together, and if our country gives teachers the option of rather or not they want to incorporate the modern technology, and they chose to neglect these possibilities and resources, our society will never grow. It is what students are presented with in the schools and the skills they learn t they will take with them in the work place. Not introducing and applying modern technology will do these students a great disservice and restrict how much they will learn.
My last point regarding why it is important to incorporate technology in schools is because it plays a vital role in engaging the students. When people are not at school they are consumed by the technology that is all around us and it has become a huge role in all of our every day lives, shaping the way we focus and learn. Stepping into the classroom should not mean that we ignore the tools possibilities that we are presented with everyday, but instead it should mean embracing them.


Page, John,The Ten Fundamental Reasons
for Technology in Education. 2007.

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