There are many valuable points that were brought up throughout the PBS video regarding the way technology is viewed in schools today and impact that it has on learning. Something that was mentioned in the beginning of the video is that we need to stop being driven by fear of technology, and that we can not teach teachers the way that we used to because technology plays such a vital role in learning in todays society. I agree with this statement because technology has become more prevalent in the schools than it was even just a couple of years ago. There are so many teachers who have been teaching in the classroom for a very long time who would rather use traditional ways of teaching rather than learning how to implement technology because they have a sort of fear of the unknown, never learning how to implement it in their lessons. The ways to teach students to become a teacher is defiantly changing. The technology class that my Special Education cohort is in currently was most likely not offered to the teachers that I had as I was growing up when they were in college. This is just an example of the ways educating new teachers has been changing over the years and as the technology adapts, our teaching style must do the same.

An important point that one of the teachers in the video brought up that I think is very important to remember when I am teaching is that they implement lap tops, making it possible for the class to put them away when it is not the best tool to use. Teachers must remember that technology can be a very useful tool, however there are also times that it might not be the best way to teach the class, which is when the teacher must take it upon themselves to make sure they do not over use technology. This may be a hard line to draw, deciding when technology is the best tool to use and when something else can be more beneficial, however I think that being highly education about the different options that are out there will help make the decision a little more easier for me as a teacher.

One of the classes in the video used games as a way to teach the students the new material and assess them on what they have learned. An interesting point that they brought up is that the students can’t finish the game until they actually learn the material. The aspect of them game allows the children to be competitive, and want to win, therefore want to learn the material. As a teacher, it is important to remember this because if the parents are unsure about their children playing games in the classroom, you must be the one to make sure they are aware of the many learning possibilities it brings to the table and explain it to them. Children want to learn if they are interested in what they are doing, and they will not focus as much to the lesson if they are not interested. Also it is important to remember that technology is not replacing the teachers, however it is a tool for them to use. Many people think that the teachers don’t have to explain lessons anymore or create worksheets and activities for the students to do, however this is not true. The teacher is playing a very vital part in the classroom when it comes to using technology because it is their responsibility to make sure that the classroom is using it properly and are that they getting as much out of the learning experience as they can.

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