Temple Grandin discussed the fact that there are many people who have autism that are visual thinkers, however not every child with autism will be a visual thinker. This point reminds us that there are many different ways people learn, and not everyone is able to learn the same way, therefore you must differentiate your teaching to accommodate to the specific students needs. This will help me as a teacher to be aware of the need to display lessons in more ways than one, and to realize when a student doesn’t understand something, and try to teach it to them in a different way.

Another topic that was discussed is that some people are considered to be pattern thinkers who think more abstract, such as engineers. These students may have problems with reading and if you, as a teacher, this is very important to be aware of. If you are not and come across a student such as this, you may simply dismiss them as an unintelligent person in every subject, because the students may never be able to understand what you are asking on an assessment due to the fact that they have to read the questions it to answer the question. This problem can be solved by using technology like the guest speaker showed us so the students can possibly hear a voice recording of what the questions are asking, ect. This will allow you to then asses them on the topic that they have been learning rather on their ability to read.
Lastly, the most important thing to remember from this video as both a teacher and just a member of society, is that some of the most brilliant people who have developed outstanding inventions, would most likely be considered to have some form of autism today. This tells us that we must find what it is that interest these students in order to utilize their intelligences, just like any other student. Labeling a student as unintelligent simply because they are not as social or bright in one subject area may make the world miss out on an amazing invention that they are capable of creating.


(I have had a very hard time embedding any videos on this blog, every time I have tried to submit it they have not showed up.)


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