How we change the world

How we change the world.


I think this blog is extremely relevant to everyone, rather they are in the field of education, special education, or simply an ordinary citizen. The most important message I think that I received from this, is that education does not only take place inside the classroom, but during everyday experences. Also it is important to remember the power that we all have as individuals to make a change and educate people on the importance of equality, judgment, and understanding that people have different ways of expressing themselves. As I am studying to become a special education teacher, I hold the responsibility to spread awareness of autism and other disabilities because there are many people who are uneducated in these areas, which leads to false accusations and cruel judgments. I am so happy to see other people doing their part to make a change in the way people look at individuals with special needs, and I know that as I become more educated on the topic I will do my part to make other members of society educated as well.


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