PLN 6 Part 2

PLN 6 Part 2 (link to blog)

PLN 6 part 2

There is not that much that is written in this blog post, however I strongly agree with the short, yet accurate argument that is made here, as well as the video that is included which was done very well. The first portion that I agree with is that you must teach students in ways that interests them. This is a teaching technique that has been discussed in many of my classes and is important because it is proven that kids will be more inclined to pay attention, participate, and there for learn if the material is presented in a way that will get their attention and keep it because it is something they like.

Another important topic that was mainly discussed in this blog and in the video that is attached to the blog is that we should not be teaching students to get a specific answer on a specific test, we should be teaching them to get good answers. To me, this means that more than one answer may be correct, but it up to the students to then justify why they believe that is correct and show the reasoning behind it. We live in a world where nothing is black and white. Nothing has just one correct answer, so why are we trying to teach our students that there is only one correct answer for a specific question?


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